Mintango helps companies build great products.  Mintango can help you identify the product-market fit so that you build a product that is loved by users. Mintango achieves this via a series of workshops and surveys where we test all the hypothesis of the product to identify the pain points and validate the model.  We achieve this through our iterative delivery process

Discovering the product

Mintango conducts workshops with clients to discover the features of products and map it to various user types. We then translate these features to a working prototype. A survey is conducted, with client’s help, to identify the market fitness of product as well as test the hypothesis through a questionnaire accompanying the  prototype.

A initial time of about 6 weeks is invested into identifying the product-market fit and prototyping so that we know what we are building is need of the market.

Development process

We use a mix of Agile and iterative development methodology to deliver product in small components, which can be tested regularly by client as well as real users.

Quality Assurance

Mintango doesnt believe in just achieving a working product. We believe a product has to be stable and should be able to handle unforseen errors. We use a mix of unit testing, manula testing, regression testing and continuous code reviews to ensure a stable product is delivered to client.